2015 2/13 Weekly Update

Last Saturday Simul
Congratulation and thanks to club president Solomon Francis for a very entertaining and challenging simultaneous exhibition at last week’s Saturday club meeting. Solomon played 12 club members at the same time, managing to win 10 games, draw 2 and suffered no losses — outstanding chess! Photos were posted on our club’s website photo gallery: http://williamsportchessclub.org/?page_id=125.

2014 Club Championship Tournament
Our 2014 club championship tournament is finally over. Eight club members competed in a USCF-rated round-robin tournament for the right to be named club champion. Congratulations to Solomon Francis for taking 1st place with a perfect score of 7-0. Sharing 2nd place honors with a score of 5.5 were Alfredo Blas and Jim Cunningham, club secretary/treasurer. Thanks to all of the competitors for making our first club championship tournament a success with many interesting games: Larry Ingram, Tony Maurer, Pat Murray (club vice-president), Gray Inch and Josh Buchheit. You can review the standings and the actual games on the tournament website: http://www.williamsportchessclub.org/Website/index.html.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, February 21, we’ll be holding another fun event, a 10 minute blitz tournament.
  • The following Saturday, February 28, we’ll hold our first USCF-rated quad tournament of 2015. Club members who are USCF members will compete in a three round tournament with G/75, d10 time controls. Look for more details next week.
  • Also starting on Saturday, 2/28, we will begin our annual club Supporting Member membership drive. Supporting Members help the club financially through an annual $20 dues donation. The resulting club funds are used for trophies for club tournaments, our affiliation dues with the USCF, and to support the club’s chess teaching efforts through our “Chess Lessons” program at the James V. Brown Library. Supporting Members also receive the following benefits:
    • Discount on annual USCF membership
    • Director status on the club’s board of directors including voting rights for club officer elections
    • May be nominated for club officer positions (elections for next year’s officers will be held shortly after the membership drive)
    • $5 discount on club USCF-rated tournament registration fees

Contact Solomon Francis, Pat Murray or Jim Cunningham if you are interested in becoming or continuing as a Supporting Member.

This Saturday
We will meet this Saturday, 2/14, as usual, for open play, starting at 10:00 a.m. in the coffee shop area of the Books-A-Million store at the Lycoming Mall.

Club website: www.williamsportchessclub.org
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WilliamsportChessClub
Chess.com group: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/williamsport-chess-club