2015 2/21 Weekly Update and 2/28 USCF-rated Tournament announcement

This Saturday, February 21

We plan to hold a “just-for-fun”, not USCF-rated, 10 minute blitz tournament, open to all club members, no registration fee. For those members planning to participate please bring your chess clock. We’ll start the tournament around 10:30 and go for as long as members want to keep playing.

If you’ve never played blitz chess before it is quite fascinating and a lot of fun. Each player gets 10 minutes on their clock and you lose if your clock runs out of time before your opponent’s clock. So you’re playing chess moves against your opponent over the board and also playing against the clock. The games are quick, lively and force you to think fast – very enjoyable, give it a try!

We’ll also have “open play” this Saturday for members not interested in the blitz tournament.

Saturday, February 28
The following Saturday we’ll hold our first USCF-rated tournament of 2015. Club members who are USCF members will compete in a three round tournament with G/75, d10 time controls. More details here: http://williamsportchessclub.org/?page_id=311.

Also starting that Saturday, we will begin our annual club Supporting Member membership drive. Supporting Members help the club financially through an annual $20 dues donation. The resulting club funds are used for trophies for club tournaments, our affiliation dues with the USCF, and to support the club’s chess teaching efforts through our “Chess Lessons” program at the James V. Brown Library.

Supporting Members also receive the following benefits:

  • Discount on annual USCF membership
  • Director status on the club’s board of directors including voting rights for club officer elections
  • May be nominated for club officer positions (elections for next year’s officers will be held shortly after the membership drive)
  • $5 discount on club USCF-rated tournament registration fees

Contact Solomon Francis, Pat Murray or Jim Cunningham if you are interested in becoming or continuing as a Supporting Member.