2015 2/26 Weekly Update

We had an excellent turnout for last Saturday’s “just for fun” 10 minute blitz tournament. Eight club members tried their hand at blitz chess, many for the first time, where you’re playing against the clock as much as against your opponent. Congratulations to Larry Ingram for taking top honors. A fun time was had by all; we’ll definitely repeat this event regularly throughout the year.

Tuesday night we held our first “virtual” open play club meeting online at Chess.com. While not a large turnout the concept proved successful in providing another way for club members to play a friendly game of chess, this time from the comfort of our homes.

This Saturday we hope to hold our first USCF-rated tournament of 2015. Club members who are USCF members will compete in a three round tournament. We only have three confirmed entrants; we need at least one more or we will have to cancel the event. Please contact Jim Cunningham ASAP if you are planning to play in this event. More details here: http://williamsportchessclub.org/?page_id=311.

We’ll also have our normal open play this Saturday for those not participating in the tournament. We will plan to meet online at chess.com again this Tuesday, 3/3, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Membership Drive
Also starting this Saturday is our annual Supporting Member membership drive. Supporting Members help the club financially through an annual $20 dues donation. Club funds are used for trophies for tournaments, our affiliation dues with the USCF and to support the club’s chess teaching efforts through our “Chess Lessons” program at the James V. Brown Library.

Supporting Members also receive the following benefits:

  • Discount on annual USCF membership
  • Director status on the club’s board of directors including voting rights for club officer elections
  • May be nominated for club officer positions
  • $5 discount on club USCF-rated tournament registration fees

To become a Supporting Member or to renew for 2015 give Jim Cunningham your dues payment. Please make checks payable to “Williamsport Chess Club”.

Club Officer Elections
In the near future we will be asking for nominations for club officer positions. Nominations will be accepted from all members but the nominee must be a Supporting Member. Shortly after we close the Supporting Member membership drive (Saturday, 3/28) we’ll hold elections for club officers, if needed, as often we only receive a single nomination for a position. As a reminder we have three officer positions; President (Solomon Francis), Vice-President (Pat Murray) and Secretary/Treasurer (Jim Cunningham).

Upcoming Local Tournament
Several club members are planning to enter the 2015 Lancaster Open, a USCF-rated traditional Sat/Sun weekend tournament with five rounds of competition. Held at the Lancaster Host Resort hotel this tournament site will also host the 2015 PA State Scholastic Championship held concurrently with the Lancaster Open. For more information: http://www.pitt.edu/~schach/Flyers/2015_Lancaster_Open_&_Collegiate_Championship.pdf
Club website: www.williamsportchessclub.org
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WilliamsportChessClub
Chess.com group: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/williamsport-chess-club