Tournament, Saturday, August 15, 2015


Mark Confer wins the U1600 section with a perfect score of 3-0.

Club president Solomon Francis wins the Open section with a perfect score of 3-0.

This was our best turn-out ever for one of our USCF-rated, single-day, three round tournaments. Eight club members and four guests from the Wellsboro Chess Club competed in two sections.

Our thanks to all of the players for supporting our club’s tournament chess activity: Solomon Francis, Larry Ingram, John Hall, Sharvil Trifale, Mark Confer, Skip Kishbaugh, Pallavi Trifale, Ted Sneshkoff, Jim Cunningham and the Butters family; father Glen and sons Aaron and Kevin.

Congratulations to club president Solomon Francis for taking 1st place with a perfect score of 3-0 in the Open section and congratulations to Mark Confer for taking first place in the U1600 section, also with a perfect score of 3-0.