Club Tournament 4/23/2016

The Williamsport Chess Club held its third club tournament of 2016 on Saturday, April 23. The USCF-rated tournament was held in the Washington room at the Genetti Hotel in Williamsport, PA. There were two sections; a U1600 quad format with Mark Confer, Skip Kishbaugh, David Wharton and Michael Postovskiy, and a U1000 Swiss format with Mario Pineda-Bermudez, Travis Corter, Mike Harvey, Alex Postovskiy, David Komar and Dan Orr.

In the U1600 section congratulations go to Michael Postovskiy, taking 1st place with a perfect score of 3-0. Earning 2nd place honors was David Wharton with 2 points.

In the U1000 section congrats go to Mario Pineda-Bermudez and Travis Corter as they tied for 1st place with 2.5 points each. David Komar finished just ½ point behind with 2 points.

Congratulations to all of the competitors for a great day of chess.

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